The Steps to Faucet Repair

The Steps to Faucet Repair

Although we love to do faucet repair in Calgary so that we can meet all of you, we understand that there are those people who are going to do it themselves because that is just the way they are. For those people, here are the steps that you need to take for your faucet repair job. These steps will apply to most all faucets, but there are some that are going to be a little different than this.

  1. First, make sure that you have shut-off the water to the faucet before doing anything. If you are working on a bathroom or kitchen sink, or any other sink for that matter, there should be some valves under the sink that you can turn off to shut the water off to that faucet. When dealing with a shower you will need to turn the water off to the whole house. Remember, rightie-tighty, lefty-loosey.
  2. After the water has been shut-off, confirm this by opening the faucet and letting it run until there is no water coming from it. This should be relatively quick in most cases.
  3. Once you have the water off, remove the handle on the faucet. This is usually done with a small allen wrench on the underside of it, though some will be different.
  4. Once that is removed, you will need to use a smooth clamp adjustable wrench to remove the cap assembly. The reason for the smooth clamp style wrench is to make sure that you do not mar the chrome finish on it.
  5. Now remove the stem ball assembly. This is done by removing the cover and pulling the stem ball out.
  6. Now that the cap assembly is off and the stem ball assembly has been removed, use a dental pick or something similar to remove the seats and springs. Be sure to inspect them as you remove them for any signs of wear.
  7. You can then remove the O-rings from the body of the faucet. Be sure to inspect them as well for wear. The reason you are doing this is to find any signs of anything abnormal that you need to be aware of right now.
  8. Replace all O-rings with new ones. No matter how they look, be sure to replace them.
  9. Replace the springs and seats in the body of the faucet no matter how good they looked.
  10. Use stem grease on the stem ball assembly and place that back into place and put the cap back on.
  11. Use some stem grease on the O- Rings on the body and on the faucet spout before placing it back on.
  12. Place the cap on and tighten it all down again.

If this sounds like too much hassle, call us. We know how and do a lot of faucet repair in Calgary and are happy to come to your place and introduce you to our services.



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