The Plumbing Parts and Pieces

March 02, 2015

If you are going to do your own plumbing repair in Albuquerque you are going to need to know what to call the plumbing parts and pieces when you go to the store to get them. For most people who are not professional plumbers, this is the hardest part of doing the job yourself. We often call it the “doohickey” or the “whatchamacallit.” That does not help the person at the counter know what it is we need. Here is some practical advice from Roto-Rooter on figuring out the plumbing parts to buy.

First, look at the part and see if there are any part numbers on it. If you can find a part number and a brand name, you can search it online and find the name of the part. If you can do that then you can head straight to the plumbing parts store armed with a name, brand and part number. This is the most successful, but the least used method from do- it-yourself plumbers because that information is not on the part 90% of the time.

Second, you can search online for a diagram of the piece or fixture that the part came out of. For example, if you were taking apart a kitchen faucet, then search for a diagram of a kitchen faucet online that can help you can go to the plumbing store with the name of the product. That should be enough to get you the right part.

Third, if all else fails you can take the part in with you and show them. This will help you get the part just fine, but it may be a bit more of a trial and error because there may be several sizes of that particular item that you have and they will need to match it up.

These are just a few ways to handle that awkward moment of not knowing what to call the part that you need to do that plumbing repair in Albuquerque. Of course, we would

recommend that you call Roto-Rooter to do the repair for you because you’ll get the repair done right and with a guarantee in most cases. However, we recognize that there are some who want to do their own repairs. With a little patience and persistence, you should be OK to make the repair. Watch our blog for more articles on how to handle things from the perspective of doing it yourself plumbing. We like to give advice once in awhile on how to do this.


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