The Plumbers at Roto-Rooter Will Clear a Clog

The Plumbers at Roto-Rooter Will Clear a Clog

Don’t you hate it when the kitchen sink backs up and you get dirty water overflowing onto your floor? You know that there is a clog somewhere that needs your attention. You don’t have time before work to call the plumbers, but you can’t leave the mess. Problems like this demand immediate attention, so you will have to make time. It’s better to cancel an appointment or take a few hours off than to leave a plumbing problem that is spilling water everywhere.

Have you tried plunging the sink out? This is sometimes successful. The next thing to try is to put liquid drain cleaner down the pipe. Remember though that overuse of these types of acid-based products will weaken your pipes and cause even more serious and expensive problems down the road. If the clog still doesn’t clear, try using a pipe snake on it. If it isn’t very far down the pipe, this will dislodge it and the water will run through again. If this is unsuccessful, you better call in the plumbers from Roto-Rooter to get rid of the clog. They are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and even on weekends and holidays.

Do you find that the kitchen sink is frequently backing up? The culprit is undoubtedly your food disposer. These are wonderful appliances to have, but if they are used incorrectly, they will wreak havoc on sewer systems. Some communities even ban them because of the issues that constantly arise in the municipal sewer system. If you have a food disposer, take the time to teach your family how to use it properly. Kids will need reminding from time to time. Never put potato or citrus peelings through the disposer. Always run the water the whole time the disposer is working. Don’t pour bacon grease, or any other grease, down it. This combined with food particles will make a nasty clog for you to deal with.

One thing you can do to help keep water running freely through your pipes is to use an enzyme product in them regularly. These little enzymes are the clean-up crew that eats away food and grease particles to keep your pipes as clean as a whistle. Just follow the instructions on the box for their proper use. It is easier to avoid problems if you anticipate them and take the proper steps to avoid them, rather than waiting until they come.

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