The Most Common Issues We Find in Faucet Repair

The Most Common Issues We Find in Faucet Repair

When we go out and do faucet repair in Albuquerque we find some common things that tend to be the culprit of the leaks. While we know what the issue is ninety percent of the time, we still replace several things in the faucet to make sure that you have a like new faucet. We want to make sure that you have a nice, working faucet that will work for a long time from that time forward rather than springing a leak shortly thereafter.

The thing that is almost always the cause of the leaky faucet is one or both of the O-rings on the body of the faucet. In most cases, these simply have worn over time and are not as tight and no longer fit in the groove that they are suppose to be in. On other occasions they have been torn from being pinched, though this is also a function of it not fitting as well as it should and thus falling into the path of the faucet.  

While this is the most common issue and the obvious reason for the leak in the faucet, when we do a faucet repair in Albuquerque, we replace a lot more than that. It is our opinion that it is much easier to replace these other parts that could wear out over time anyway, while we are already into it. So in addition to replacing these O-rings that are the usual cause of these issues, we also are going to replace the seats and even a stem ball if we feel it is bad.

By doing this, you are going to have a faucet that is like new and you will not need to worry about it for a long time. You will also be much happier with our service because of this fact. All around, it is the smartest way to go in our opinion. Some folks might ask why we would replace parts that aren’t broken. Well, if you’ve ever had a timing belt replace on a car, you might remember that the mechanic replaced the water pump while he was changing the timing belt. It’s not because the water pump was broken, it’s because it’s a relatively inexpensive part that will eventually wear out and should be replaced while the mechanic has access to it. Cost of replacing a water pump is about $35 for the part and several hundred dollars in labor! Think it over, it makes good sense. The same goes for your faucet and even a toilet repair. If you’re going to replace a flapper valve and your toilet is a few years old, it makes good sense to replace all of the inexpensive tank parts.

Faucet repair is not something that needs to take a lot of time or take a lot of money. If you are worried about calling us because you are worried about what the cost may be, take the time to call us and find out what the reality is of cost so that you can make decisions based on facts and not assumptions. You will be glad that you did.

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