The Many Benefits of Trenchless Repairs on Sewer Lines

The Many Benefits of Trenchless Repairs on Sewer Lines

A lot of homeowners start going into sky-is-falling mode when their sewer lines start to experience problems. This is understandable, as the signs of a broken sewer line include clogs, backups, and even raw sewage seeping up into the yard. On top of this, sewer line replacements are expensive, take some time, and can result in property damage. There are plenty of reasons to freak out when things start going amiss, but spot repair is a possible solution with a long list of benefits that homeowners should look into before pulling out all their hair. If spot repair is a possibility, this method has a long list of benefits.

No Holes Dug

The thought of having your yard dug up isn’t a pleasant one, especially if you’ve worked hard on making it look good. People don’t want rabbits or moles digging up their gardens, so why would they want plumbers to? Spot repair doesn’t require any new holes to be dug. Instead, a tube is sent down the drain and placed in the problem area, where it hardens.

No Risk of Utility Damage

Your sewer line isn’t the only important utility line in the ground; you may also have electricity and gas lines in your yard. Whenever your yard is dug up, there is a risk of interfering with these other utilities. Severing a gas or electric line means you are without electricity, warm water, or other comforts until the problem is fixed. With trenchless repairs, there is absolutely no risk of any such utility line interference.

Quicker Repair Time

As you can imagine, digging up an entire pipe and replacing it takes hours, sometimes even days. Not only will your yard be dug up for that time, but you won’t be able to use water in your home until the repair has been completed. A spot repair is much quicker and involves less downtime.

Other Benefits

Trenchless spot repair of sewer lines uses non-hazardous materials that won’t harm the environment, the repairs can last up to 50 years, the repair leaves the pipe impervious to roots that may have caused the problem in the first place, and the repair can increase flow efficiency. Spot repairs are only possible in certain circumstances, so homeowners shouldn’t get their hopes too high before consulting with a plumber in Fresno, CA, but they shouldn’t start panicking either. A plumber will fill you in on all your options so you can make the choice that hurts least.

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