The Importance of Sewer Line Prevention

The Importance of Sewer Line Prevention

Sewage line back up is usually caused by the invasion of the tree roots from your yard into your pipes below ground. While the mature trees around your home or business offer great landscape and shade, they are a problems for sewage drains when they occupy and cause major abstractions in the pipes, causing the rest of your plumbing to begin to fail.

The roots are attracted to the sewage lines because they thrive on the substances that flow through the pipes such as the water, nutrients and oxygen. The roots will sneak into any small crack or crevice in your pipes and make it their home. The roots can eventually invade all of your sewage piping and catch all the household wastes and deposits as the sewage flow through, causing even more clogging.

Signs of root invasion problems are slow drainage, gurgling noises from the toilet bowl and complete sewage backup of the toilets in the home or business. To prevent roots from occupying your pipes you can use RootX®, a Roto-Rooter product that kills tree and shrub roots in sewage lines, storm pipes and septic systems, as well as preventing regrowth. Give your local Cleveland Roto-Rooter a call and schedule for a technician to come and inspect your sewer lines and assist with the application of RootX®.

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