The Fraternity of Plumbers

The Fraternity of Plumbers

Just like any other industry plumbers are part of an unnamed fraternity. If you are plumber you can appreciate other plumbers because you know what they have gone through. You can enjoy the company of each other because you enjoy the stories that they have to tell.

If you were to talk to any of the plumbers in Sacramento they would tell you that they associate with each other outside of work. There is a common bond among them and they often will help each other out to make sure that each of them are getting what they need out of the industry.

Of course, this is the same as it is in any other industry. We all tend to associate with the people that work in the same industry as we do. It is a natural occurrence. In fact, this has taken off to new heights with the internet now giving us ways to connect with others in the same industry. Linkedin is a great example of how we can connect with others in our profession to help find job openings when we are looking to improve our position or just to discuss advancements in the industry.  Another great example of people connecting on the internet in the industry is through Facebook groups.

Plumbers often have some very disgusting work to do. We all need to appreciate the work that they do because it is work that many of us are unable or unwilling to do. Of course, the installation end of the industry is not bad, but the service and repair side can have some real horror stories. In fact, it is these horror stories that can help unite and connect plumbers in Sacramento. As they share their experiences with one another there is a bond that takes place that is unique. Their bond can be, to a much smaller degree, like the bond between soldiers who’ve served. Plumbers find themselves in some disgusting and difficult circumstances and it is those awful shared experiences that can make them bond in a way others will never understand.

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