The Benefits of Using Copper Pipes in Plumbing Installations

The Benefits of Using Copper Pipes in Plumbing Installations

There are a lot of different materials, products, and techniques that go behind each and every service that Roto-Rooter technicians provide. Understanding what these things are can help you better know the level of quality that you are getting and why our prices are so competitive. It is exciting to help clients at all income levels gain access to the services they need to have a functioning and reliable plumbing system. Providing solutions for residential and commercial accounts alike, we bring industry standards and quality to everyone. One material that is internationally accepted, tried, and true is copper. If you do not understand why copper pipes are the best to use, take a look at the following fact sheet and see what you can learn:

Natural—copper is a natural resource that has been used for thousands of years for a variety of applications. Because it is easily accessible, it is returned to again and again for applications ranging from plumbing to heating and cooling.

  • Affordable— since copper is fairly easy to obtain, it is inexpensive to use and most incomes can manage it. Especially for applications like plumbing where lots of metal is needed, this is the perfect solution.
  • Durable—copper is known for its ability to last and last. When a system is installed, you can rely on it for decades without any issue. The metal is very resistant to high temperatures, fluids, and bacteria. This makes it a clean and strong solution that can be trusted.
  • Bendable—while durable, it is very moldable and easy to bend. This makes work a lot easier for plumbers who have the choice of building systems on and offsite. Once bent into position, it will retain that shape indefinitely.
  • Recyclable—the great thing about this natural resource is that it is completely recyclable. As long as it is melted down and purified, copper can be used again and again without experiencing any kind of loss in quality or strength. This unusual characteristic makes it the perfect choice for anyone concerned with preserving the environment.
  • Trusted—copper is internationally accepted as the industry standard. This means that no matter what country you live in, you can count on your plumbing being constructed of a trusted material you've used for years.

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