Tankless Units End Water Heater Leaking

Tankless Units End Water Heater Leaking

Just like anywhere else, in Jersey City water heater leaking can be a big headache. If it is just a small drip, it may just be that your fittings need tightening. If you have a huge puddle and water spraying everywhere, then you are going to need to replace the unit with a new one. Old water heaters can be repaired but if they are already near the end of their expected lifespan, the expense makes replacement a better option. To handle any type of issue with your water heater, you can count on Roto-Rooter. Just call us and a friendly, excellently trained plumbing technician will appear at your door in no time with all the tools necessary to fix your problem.

Tankless Water Heaters

When you decide to replace your water heater, you may want to try a tankless unit. These units operate on an on-demand principle. They are more expensive than the traditional tank units, but they are more efficient and will last longer. The water only heats when you turn on the faucet. It doesn’t have to heat and then reheat the water. In addition, you will not have Jersey City water heater leaking problems with the tankless variety because there is no tank to leak.

Home Maintenance Schedule

In a home, there are many systems that need regular maintenance. It makes it much easier to keep on top of things if you make a maintenance schedule. This is a calendar where you schedule all the jobs that need doing around your home throughout the year. At the start of every month you look ahead and see what jobs are coming up and then make any needed appointments with professionals. For instance, you can schedule a heating & air conditioning technician to come and service your furnace in September or October, before the weather gets cold. Then you can rest assured that when the arctic blast hits, you will be warm and cozy. It’s the same with your plumbing. Having a plumber do a whole house plumbing inspection can keep your system running flawlessly.

Be Flexible

When you put a maintenance schedule together, remember that it is ok to move things around later if a conflict arises. The purpose of this calendar is to help organize things and make them easier to accomplish, not to stress you out. If you find that your load at work is extremely heavy one month, go ahead and reschedule the monthly maintenance for another time. Be sure to coordinate the maintenance schedule with your work and family calendars. But one of the great advantages of using Roto-Rooter is that we have flexible scheduling. If you work nine to five and don’t want to take off from work, it’s no big deal because you can schedule to have Roto-Rooter arrive in the evening when you’re home. And don’t worry about after hours charges. At Roto-Rooter of Jersey City, we don’t have after hours charges or weekend charges or even holiday charges. Our prices stay the same no matter what time of day or night you call us.

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