Tampa Plumbers of Roto-Rooter Provide Septic System Specifics

Tampa Plumbers of Roto-Rooter Provide Septic System Specifics

Our Tampa Plumbers offer a variety of services to ensure your septic tank is working properly.  They can pump, repair and even replace the septic tank and drainage pipes at your home or business.  Here are a few informative facts about septic systems below:

  • Septic tanks and drain fields serve more than 25 percent of North American households.
  • A properly functioning septic tank can provide several years of trouble-free service.
  • The need for septic tank pumping is dependent upon the size of your tank; some tanks require an annual cleanout, while others can last years without much maintenance.

Roto-Rooter also offers a septic tank and cesspool treatment, which breaks down greases, proteins and other organic materials, which can cause clogs.  Additionally, our treatment is environmentally safe and can be purchased directly from a Roto-Rooter plumber.

If you are in the Tampa area and would like to schedule service visit our Tampa plumber Web site for online scheduling or call us at (813) 980-6000 and we’d be happy to assist you with all your septic system needs.

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