Suggestions for Sump Pump Setbacks

Suggestions for Sump Pump Setbacks

The Austin plumbers of Roto-Rooter have addressed a number of sump pump issues and have provided, some advice below to diagnose some of the more common sump pump problems.

If your sump pump is starting and stopping over and over again or surging, it is most likely due to a few problems.

  •  The pressure switch may need to be replaced.
  • The expansion tank may have no air inside.
  • There may be a blockage of the opening of the impeller pump.

The best advice would be to do a bit of investigation on your own. Check the expansion tank to see if water is coming out of the top of the air bleed valve. If there is, this is a sign that the diaphragm, which separates the water and air has failed and the tank will need to be replaced. To test the pressure switch you will need to call in an electrician and go from there. Lastly, you may need to pull and check the submersible pump.

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