Suggested Steps for Faucet Repair

Suggested Steps for Faucet Repair

If you are in a situation in which you are going to attempt to do your own faucet repair in Vista, you may want to have on hand some resources to make sure that the job is easier and not harder than it needs to be.

To that end, here are the steps for you to follow if you need to:

  1. Start by taking off the handle on the faucet.
  2. Once you have done this, get a smooth jaw wrench or in some other way protect the chrome finish on this part. It is tightened onto the faucet with a wrench so it will require a wrench to get it loose enough to take off.
  3. Once this is off, remove the cap off the stem ball and then remove the stem ball.
  4. Under the stem ball you are going to find a set of springs and seats. Check these out to see how well they are wearing and if they need to be replaced. It is our position to replace these every time we are doing a faucet repair, but that call is up to you and how confident you are that they will be fine.
  5. You are now ready to remove the O-rings of the faucet. Use a dental pick or some other tool like it to remove the O-rings.
  6. Remove the body of the faucet.

Of course, you would repeat all of the steps in reverse order to make sure that you have everything back together as it should be. Once you have all of the parts in hand you can then make the repair complete. Install all of the O-rings and the new seats and springs and make sure that it is done the way that you want it done.

While this all sounds so simple, the fact is there are tiny little parts and you may be nervous the first time you are going to attempt a repair of this kind. The same is true of many other things. However, as you practice, as with anything else, you are going to get better at it. We can attest that after doing so much faucet repair Vista, practice makes perfect.

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