Strange items in drainpipes

Strange items in drainpipes

This is the time of year when I start surveying Roto-Rooter plumbers from coast-to-coast in search of the strangest items recovered from drainpipes, toilets and trenches over the past year. Over the years, our service technicians have found some amazing things. We compile a list of the top 5 strangest itemsthen issue a news release. Items ranging from GI Joe dolls to an unexploded Civil War cannon shell have made the list.

In the midst of kitchen plumbing jobs, our plumbers have recovered everything from diamond rings to golf balls from drainpipes. While providing bathroom plumbing solutions, our technicians have pulled wads of cash from toilets and a multitude of toys flushed by curious children excited by the power and sound of the flush.

So the question is, which Roto-Rooter locations will make the list? Will it be the plumber Salt Lake City with a handful of bullets in a toilet drain or the plumber Boston who pulled a live puppy from a floor drain? Maybe something new and unique? I'll keep you posted because just when I think the items can't get any weirder, I find out how wrong I can be. How does a hockey stick get down a roof vent pipe?

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