St Paul Plumbing: Tips &Tricks from the Roto-Rooter Pros

St Paul Plumbing: Tips &Tricks from the Roto-Rooter Pros

Not every homeowner is the same. Some are very hands on and on top of things, ready to get the chore done right away. Other owners are hands on, but only get the job done when necessity requires. Others are less than vigilant and let things slide as long as it is livable. Wherever your homeowner habits fall onto this spectrum, there is always something more you can do to take better care of your house. While DIY projects can be big and involved, most small efforts go a long way towards effective solutions to most problems. With plumbing in St Paul giving plenty of owners headaches, Roto-Rooter is always on call, ready to come out and help get things back in order again. Here are a few things that anyone can do to take better care of their plumbing and save a little trouble along the way.

  • Water heaters are important for comfort. They are working 'round the clock so that you always have enough warm water to take a shower, wash dishes, clothes, and even cook with. With this constant use, water heaters take a beating and experience failure due to lack of attention. Make sure during your yearly Roto-Rooter inspection that the technician takes a good look at your unit and makes the appropriate repairs so that you aren't left high and dry with no hot water. One way to take good care of your unit is to always make sure that your water softener is functioning properly. Without soft water, the calcium residue will do a number on the inside of your heater and break it quickly. This one single habit will go a long way and even increase the life of your unit.
  • Leaky faucets are a drag. They drip drip drip in the middle of the night, keeping your awake for every second of it. Surprisingly though, you get up the next day and completely forget about it. Not only should you get your faucet repaired for noise, but for the cost of wasted water. It is worth your time. All you have to do is replace the sealant washer inside if it is warped or damaged. In a lot of cases if the leak is caught soon, you can just adjust the washer and it will fix the leak just as well.

For more cool tips and information about plumbing in St Paul, call Roto-Rooter today to speak with one of our great technicians.

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