St Paul Plumbing Repair and DIY Tips From The Roto-Rooter Pros

St Paul Plumbing Repair and DIY Tips From The Roto-Rooter Pros

With the need for plumbing repair in St Paul growing, Roto-Rooter has been on call 24/7 to arrive on the scene. In our many experiences, we have found that the bulk of serious damage to a home happens during a plumbing crisis, which typically cause water damage, mold, warped wood and property destruction. Many of these situations usually could have been avoided with simple DIY care and a little knowledge to get started. In order to help you take better care of your home's plumbing needs, here is a list of easy DIY tips for simple repair and care.

  • Experiencing the Water heater blues. The large tank in your seller, basement, or bathroom that is responsible for comfortable hot showers can hit the fritz and leave you taking icicles in the shower. One of the easiest ways to keep a water heater running properly is to make sure that only water coming from a water softener passes through the system. The working parts of a water heater erode much faster with hard water and will breakdown more frequently. Keeping your water softener full of salt will also help keep the rest of the appliances and faucets in your home in better condition.
  • A clogged toilet catastrophe. There is nothing like a clogged toilet to make you realize how important flowing drains are. As water hits the floor and the smell hits your nose, remember that these events can be minimized and even avoided if you continually keep the following in mind. For one, using pipe cleaner every now and again is a great way to strip the sides of a drain free of debris and garbage. Also, minimizing the amount of toilet paper used per flush helps considerably lower the likelihood of a clog. Although toilet paper is designed for toilet bowl use, it can quickly clog up a toilet if too much is used at once.
  • Frozen pipes. Every winter, thousands of home get hit with frozen pipes and flooding. When water in a pipe begins to freeze, little pockets of air try to escape as the pressure builds. If the air is truly trapped, it will burst through a pipe making a crack or shattering it altogether. Flooding will usually quickly follow. Using more insulation, especially in the outer walls of a home will help minimize the possibility of freezing and save you a headache or two during the winter.

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