St Paul Faucet Repair Tips from Roto-Rooter

St Paul Faucet Repair Tips from Roto-Rooter

Plumbing is all around you. Everywhere you go, there is a network of pipes weaving in and out of building pumping and draining used water from fresh water pipelines to drainage sewers. The commonality of running water in most homes is a modern commodity that we often take for granted. Since plumbing runs under floorboards, behind walls, and even above through the ceiling, it gets really easy to forget about what is going on. As a result, seemingly out of the blue flooding plagues a basement, a faucet won't shut off, or a toilet refuses to drain. With faucet repair in St Paul, Roto-Rooter has helped thousands of people get the help they need.

Faucets dispense water making them extremely important parts of an overall healthy plumbing system. Since the water entering your home does so under pressure, faucets are designed to seal off water when in the off position. As water pushes against the washer inside of the faucet, over time the water can work its way around the seals and start seeping out, even when the faucet is turned off. These first few drips are often ignored until the problem is much bigger. Did you know that a single leaky faucet could waste up to $25 a month in water? Multiply that by even 2 or 3 faucets and you have a completely unnecessary bill on your hands.

Water by nature is erosive, which is why faucet repair in St Paul is so important to take care of on a regular basis. Just as water cuts out giant canyons and valleys in the earth, drippy water actually causes permanent damage to a faucet head. The key is to repair a faucet as soon as you notice a leak, minimizing the erosive damage that is going on against the brass fittings. With the appropriate tools, take off the faucet head and take a look just past the on and off switch. You will see a washer resting against a seat. If for some reason the washer has been jostled out of place, simple readjusting it back into its original place will solve the problem. If, however, your drippy faucet is developed into a slow leak, the washer may be warped and damaged beyond use.

Taking your faucet into any Roto-Rooter service center, and professional technician can help you find the appropriate replacement that will fit perfectly. In no time your faucet will be working correctly again.

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