spring plumbing tips or summer?

spring plumbing tips or summer?

Well, I am back from vacation and ready to take on those nagging projects around the house that need to be done. In particular, I am planning to finish my basement. I intend to build a family entertainment room, a kitchenette, some closet space, a storage area and the all-important extra bathroom. I only installed a half-bath in my last basement, a simple toilet and vanity sink. But after only a few months and a few house guests staying down there, I regretted not putting in a full bath and shower. So with this new basement I want to explore all bathroom plumbing solutions ahead of time so there will be no regrets when the project is finished.

I should mention that I am not a licensed plumber, although I occasionally play one in Roto-Rooter yellow pages ads. And even though I am not a plumber, I am a pretty good handyman with lots of home improvement skills. Working for Roto-Rooter, I am fortunate to work with lots of licensed plumbing specialists who are always happy to offer advice and expertise.
That being the case, I plan to most of the plumbing jobs that I am familiar with such as setting the toilet, hooking up the tub and sink drains and framing in all of the walls around the tub enclosure. Fortunately, the bathroom drains are already roughed-in for me in the basement so I won't need to bust up any concrete. 

Now comes the hard part: running water supply lines to the tub, sink and toilet. This is an area in which I am not very comfortable. I know my limitations when it comes to plumbing repair and installation. As in my last basement, I will hire Roto-Rooter to run my copper water supply lines to the new bathroom. It is extremely important that this job be done right. Once those supply lines are pressurized, they need to hold the pressure without any surprise leaks that could melt away the drywall I'll be installing later. And with Roto-Rooter, I know that I am covered by their guarantee if something goes wrong.
 There is a certain feeling of comfort that comes with a good guarantee and not all plumbing companies have strong guarantees. Heck, some of them aren't even insured so what am I supposed to do if they damage my home? That is never a concern with Roto-Rooter. I could tell you about Plumber Houston. A relative used him back in Texas. He did cheap work but operated without insurance, permits or guarantees. Yeah that should definitely scare the heck out of you to have a guy like that handling your residential plumbing repairs.
 Of course, Roto-Rooter will get all of the proper permits I need to stay in compliance with local building codes and plumbing codes. I have enough to worry about so that too is very comforting.

 If you have any basement plumbing issues that you need to address, why not tackle them this summer? After all the basement is nice and cool and not a bad place to be on a hot day. If you start working then discover that you are in over your head when it comes to plumbing repair, don't feel too proud to call in a professional plumber. It will cost you less in time and aggravation to just hire a pro. 

Roto-Rooter is happy to pick up where you left off on a plumbing repair job. Our plumbing contractors do it all the time and they won't rub it in and make you feel inept. So if you find yourself doing some sink plumbing and you hook up a water line that starts spewing at the fitting, don't waste your weekend dealing with troublesome plumbing problems, just call 1-800-GET-ROTO or schedule service on line here at the Roto-Rooter web site. And if costs are a concern, don't forget to download a Roto-Rooter coupons to save yourself a few bucks.

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