Spring Plumbing Maintenance in Yonkers, NY

Spring Plumbing Maintenance in Yonkers, NY

Tackle these spring plumbing maintenance tasks to maintain your Yonkers, New York plumbing.

Spring is always a great time to perform home maintenance tasks and this includes your plumbing. Here are four plumbing maintenance tasks you should address this season:

Clean showerheads and faucets

Showerheads and faucets can become clogged with sediment and build-up, which will affect your water pressure. A simple solution of white vinegar and water will clear away any sediment or mineral deposit build-up.  Add the vinegar solution to a plastic baggie, wrap the bag around each faucet tap and showerhead in your home. Tie a rubber band around the top of the bag to keep the bag in place. Leave your fixtures soaking overnight, then run the water for a couple of minutes and you should immediately notice an improvement in water pressure and flow.

Check for leaks

It is important to address leaks immediately. Review your water meter to get an accurate reading. Before bed, turn the water off altogether for the most accurate reading from your meter. Check the meter again in the morning and if the numbers have increased at all, you have a leak in your home.  Checking and repairing leaks is a crucial step in the water conservation

Add drain strainers

To keep your plumbing working at peak performance, it is important to take preventative measures against clogs, leaks and other issues. Go through your home and add drain strainers to your bathtubs, showers, sinks and floor drains. Drain strainers will catch hair or other items that shouldn't go down the drain, preventing clogs before they happen.

Clean out gutters and downspouts

Clear our any dead leaves, twigs or other debris from your gutters. Use your hose to rinse away any remaining dirt or mud. Aim your water sprayer toward each downspout to clear of debris while making sure it is directing water away from your home’s foundation. 

If you would like your spring maintenance to be performed by a Roto-Rooter plumbing professional, our local Yonkers expert plumbers can inspect your downspouts and drains to keep your home’s plumbing in top shape all year round.

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