Some Background on Backflow

Some Background on Backflow

What is a backflow? Why do you have to pay to have your plumbing system tested for backflow or cross contamination? A backflow preventer is high hazard prevention device.  It prevents toxins from one part of a water system from flowing into your fresh water supply line.

Example: Chlorine or E Coli bacteria from a pool getting into the water supply and contaminating drinking water.

Water lines need to be tested because there are plumbing codes and standards the state of Texas upholds to keep our local fresh water supply safe from contamination. If you have a backflow device at your home or business, you will recieve a letter stating that your device needs to be tested periodically.

Roto-Rooter of Austin Plumbers are licesened to test your backflow preventer devices and ensure they are preventing cross contamination and your potable water supply is safe. If there is a problem, our Austin plumbers can fix the issue or provide you with an estimate for any repairs needed. If everything is working properly Roto-Rooter will forward your test results to the appropriate city officials to let them know you've complied with backflow inspection requirements and your system is safe.

Contact Roto-Rooter of Austin at 512-258-3008 if you would like to schedule a backflow inspection, or vsit our Website for online scheduling.

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