Should Drain Clogs Be Left to the Plumbers?

Should Drain Clogs Be Left to the Plumbers?

Is Your Drain Clogged Up Again?

Drain clogs happen to the best of us. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely avoid clogs because they are frequently caused by natural occurrences, such as an accumulation of hair in the drain. With so many clogs to deal with, is it really necessary to call a plumber every time the toilet or sink backs up?

The key to determining whether it is time to call the plumber is to assess the damage and determine if there is any way that you can fix it yourself. However, it is important to call licensed plumbers once the problem has gotten out of hand.

Drain Cleaning Products

Drain cleaning products are often effective at clearing out small clogs, but can’t provide lasting results and are not effective on deep clogs. Continually using chemicals in your drain can also do more harm than good in the long run. These harmful chemicals can actually damage your piping and make the problem worse over time.

Plunge It!

In order to plunge your sink more effectively, it is important to choose a quality plunger equipped with a good grip. The upward and downward motion of the plunger can create a pressurized effect that quickly frees the clog and will allow your drain to clear more easily.

Never use a plunger after applying drain cleaning chemicals. The plunging action can splatter harmful chemicals onto you, your skin, and clothes.

Proper Maintenance

Going forward, it is crucial to keep your drains and plumbing clean and well maintained. An ounce of prevention now can save you thousands of dollars (and countless hours of hassle) in the future. Simply teaching your children that they should not use the toilet as a water ride for their toys (or your keys) can help. You may also consider just leaving the seat down or installing childproof toilet bowl latches to help prevent children from putting things in the toilet in the first place.

Keeping your toilet and drains clean will also help to prevent build-up. Make sure to clean your toilet weekly and keep your drains fresh and free of clogs with effective drain cleaning products.

Your local Roto-Rooter can provide you with more information on what you can do to maintain your drains. They can also help by answering your questions and providing you with more information on what needs to be done. Some plumbing companies will even walk the homeowner through the plumbing project to ensure that the work is done correctly.

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