Sewer Inspection: Schedule Before The Final Purchase

Sewer Inspection: Schedule Before The Final Purchase

Are you in the market for a new property? Are you a first time homebuyer who is excited to finally have a place of your own? Are you tired of all of the steps involved to buy a place and wish that it could be done overnight? While it is perfectly acceptable to be excited about a property when you first look at it, you will most likely rush into a purchase that you will regret if you do not take the appropriate steps to ensure that the property being sold to you has been priced fairly. If you are not aware of all the serious issues that a property has, once the purchase has been made, it is on your shoulders to worry about. Most buyers surprisingly accept a single home inspection as adequate proof of whether or not a house is worth buying. The reality is, however, that there are a few other inspections that should be performed, too. Along with a home plumbing inspection performed by a Roto-Rooter technician, a sewer inspection is also important.

The Top Reasons for an Inspection of the Sewer

Inheriting a failing sewer is an extremely huge waste of your time and money. An inspection can reveal a lot that will either boost your confidence during a sale or completely turn you off and send you looking for other options.

First, make sure that trees on the property do not have roots that are wrapped around pipelines in the sewer. Since roots grow towards moisture, sewer lines make perfect targets. Not only because of the moisture, but also because of the junk inside that trees can get nutrients from. Unless the problem was solved in the past by killing and removing roots, sewer lines are in trouble.

If you are selling an older home, it may be worth your time to find out a bit more about the sewer system. If you have a house built in the 1930s or before and the system has been recently replaced, this is a great selling point you shouldn't overlook!

For buyers, older homes often have sewer systems made out of Orangeburg pipes. These pipes are basically made out of tarpaper and break down easily. A sewer inspection will quickly and easily let you know whether or not this type of system is in place.

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