Seven Tips to Plunge a Toilet | Roto-Rooter Blog

Seven Tips to Plunge a Toilet | Roto-Rooter Blog

Have you ever had that panicky feeling that comes when water starts to spill over the top of the toilet right after you have flushed it? Most of us have experienced that sheer terror and instantly grab the plunger to start plunging vigorously. While that may help, your efforts might not be as effective as they could be. Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Drain Service offers the following information to help you plunge more effectively.

Stop the Flow of Water

The first thing to do is stop the flow of water. When the water stops flowing into the toilet bowl you can take a breath, think, and work effectively. To stop the water from filling the bowl, lift the lid off the toilet tank and gently push the flapper into place over the opening. This stops water from flowing into the bowl and lets it start filling the tank.

Get a Good Seal

Effective plunging requires a tight seal over the hole in the bottom of the bowl. We recommend that you use a plunger with a funnel cup on the end. It helps you get a tighter seal. This cup can easily be folded into the funnel when you want to plunge a sink or shower drain.

Warm up the Plunger

If you have a stiff plunger you can run hot water over the rubber until it has warmed up a bit. The heat will soften the rubber and make it easier to get a tight seal.

Plunge Slowly at First

The first time you push down on the plunger, push slowly. This lets the air escape out of the funnel. If you push too vigorously the first time the force will push the air out with vigor. The bubbles will splash toilet water out of the bowl and possibly get you wet.

Plunge Vigorously and Maintain a Tight Seal

After the first push, start plunging straight up and down. It is important to maintain a tight seal around the hole. If you don't have enough water in the toilet to maintain the seal, pour some into the bowl.

Flush the Toilet and Watch

After several pumps with the plunger, try flushing the toilet a couple of times. If the water quickly clears the bowl each time, you have successfully dislodged the toilet clog. If it doesn't then repeat the previous steps once or twice more.

Use an Auger or Call Professional Help

If there is a very tough clog you might not be able to dislodge it with a plunger. In that case try using an auger. If that doesn't work, call Roto-Rooter for help.


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