Septic Tank: What You Should Know About Waste Disposal

Septic Tank: What You Should Know About Waste Disposal

Have you ever wondered what a septic tank is used for or how it actually works? Mysteries like this often remain in the realm of the unknown because people are too afraid to ask for fear they will appear ignorant or uninformed. Fact is,  any Roto-Rooter technician will be happy to answer that question for you. All you need to do is track one down and ask him what he knows about septic systems. You might even consider inviting him over for dinner and have a knowledge forum with your family. You could title it, “Understanding the Operations of a Septic System.” Your kids will love it and you can have cake and ice cream afterwards to celebrate your new-found knowledge.

What is a Septic System and why is a Tank Necessary?

 There are two essential parts to a septic treatment and disposal system. They include the tank and the drain field or leach field as some insist on calling it. Of course these two components are connected with sewer pipes and the necessary fixtures that seal one component to the next. You certainly wouldn’t want the system to leak!

When the waste is flushed from your toilet, for example, it flows to the tank first. The tank is where a separation process takes place. If you were to peek into the tank, you would see a bunch of sludge located at the bottom. This is the actual terminology used to describe the solid waste that naturally settles at the bottom of the tank. You might also see some foamy, slimy substances above the sludge. This is actually known as scum–a descriptive term that describes exactly what it is!

You might also notice that there is a steady flow of liquid from the tank. This is called effluent and it flows out of the tank and into the drain field. The drain field is made-up of a system of perforated pipes that are also buried deep in your yard. As the effluent enters these pipes, it seeps out through the perforations and into the soil. Your soil then filters the effluent and removes all the impurities and actually kills them.

Now that you know all about why a septic tank is important and what happens with the waste that is treated by this type of sewage system, you are more informed than most of your peers. It is now time to break-out the cake and ice cream and have a party!

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