Seattle plumbers of Roto-Rooter share Earth Day reminder

Seattle plumbers of Roto-Rooter share Earth Day reminder

Earth Day is a great reminder to become more environmentally friendly, and the Seattle plumbers of Roto-Rooter can help by providing you with green plumbing services and products.  Below is some information on a few of our most popular water-conserving products.

  • Niagara® Water Saving Showerhead: Saves 1 to 4 GPM over conventional heads, 9-jet turbo adjustable massage, Constant flow rate regardless of water pressure, Less strain on water heater.
  • Sloan® UpperCut™ Dual-Flush Handle: Converts standard 1.6 GPF for commercial toilets into water saving dual-flush, Handle lifts up to initiate a reduced flush (1.1 GPF) & pushes down for full flush (1.6 GPF), Reduces water volume up to 30% = ½ gallon per flush.
  • HydroForce® Adjustable Flapper: Optimizes toilets to flush at full efficiency, engineered for long life, same price range as ordinary flappers.

The impact of each water-conserving product is significant and ultimately will save you money In the long run.  Little adjustments to things such as showerheads and toilet flappers can easily aid in improving and maintaining our Earth. All of our Seattle plumbers are knowledgeable and trained to work with our ROTOGreen program.  To schedule service, visit the Seattle Roto-Rooter web site or call (206) 935-6600.

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