Seattle Plumbers Diagnose Extremely High Water Pressure Problem

Seattle Plumbers Diagnose Extremely High Water Pressure Problem

I put a pressure gage on my outside faucet and it's reading 170 psi. Why? Do I need faucet repair, Seattle is the area I live. Thanks!

If the pressure is 170 psi, it means the pressure reducing valve at the meter has gone bad. There are many ares of the country where the pressure is over 80 psi. This is due to the height of the water tower above the surrounding countryside. A water tower that is 150 feet higher than your home would give you about 65 psi of pressure. For you to have 170 psi pressure, your water tower will be about 390 feet above your home or on a hill.

Whenever the water pressure is this high, licensed plumbing specialists can install pressure reducing valves to decrease the pressure to around 65 psi. Check with your city, Seattle as you mentioned, to see where your valve is located. It probably needs replaced. Call Roto-Rooter, your Seattle Plumbers, to take a look at it.

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