Schedule a Sewer Inspection Before You Buy

Schedule a Sewer Inspection Before You Buy

While most homeowners will feel comfortable with the results of the home inspection,

the reality is that these inspections do not adequately address all of the various systems that

could potentially be outdated. For example, the home plumbing system could be a mess,

but because most of it is hidden behind walls and underneath floors, it's hard to spot these problems easily.

You can save yourself a lot of headache by simply asking questions and requesting further inspection areas. One area that you should have checked is the sewer system. A sewer inspection can reveal a lot about the current condition of the system and potentially what you will need to spend in order to resolve any problems it may currently have. If a sewer system is severely outdated or on the brink of failure, you may reconsider your interest in the property and move along to other prospects.

Reason to Worry

There are plenty of reasons to worry about the condition of the sewer system. For example, if tree roots have been wrapping around pipes in the system, there may be cracks and leaks that can only be fixed through excavation (unless tree roots are killed and cutback, the chances of this problem creeping up again is guaranteed). Knowing about this problem before hand may justify a request for repair before finalizing the sale of a property.

If you are selling an older home, such as a property that was constructed in the 1930s or earlier, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out what a sewer inspection can reveal. For example, there may be a perfectly good sewer system already in place. This is a great selling point to bring up with buyers.

On the flipside, most homes built during the 1930s and before have sewer systems made out of Orangeburg pipes. The consistency of these pipes is basically the same as tarpaper and fall apart easily. If this is the current material in the sewer system of a house you are interested in, know for certain that replacement of the entire sewer line is imminent.

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