Save Yourself From a Big Headache: Call Roto-Rooter

Save Yourself From a Big Headache: Call Roto-Rooter

Have you ever pulled the stopper of the bathtub up and then come back a half hour later to find the water hasn’t gone down the drain like it is supposed to? You pull up the stopper all the way out and clean out all the hair and gunk and still, the water won’t drain. Next you pour in some heavy duty drain cleaner and hope and pray for the next half hour that it will do the trick. Well, that didn’t work either. Now you are out digging through the garage looking for you plumbing snake or plunger. If the clog isn’t very far down you may be in luck, but if it is, save yourself the further expense and headache of do-it-yourself solutions and call Roto-Rooter to come and do a plumbing repair in Gainesville.

If you have an old home, you may have all kinds of surprises when it comes to the plumbing. It is common to find new fittings attached to old and numerous leaks. While it won’t always be inexpensive, think how great it would be to have all your plumbing replaced. Roto-Rooter doesn’t just do plumbing repair in Gainesville, they can contract to redo your whole system if necessary. It can be designed to flow better than the previous one. The design of your plumbing is very important. A bad design and you will have a toilet that overflows regularly and has to be vigorously plunged over and over.

To avoid getting extensive water damage when your pipes break, it is vital that everyone living in your home, from teens to adults, knows where the water main shut off valve is and how to turn it off. It may not be in an obvious place. Sometimes it has even been found in the master bedroom closet. Don’t assume that people know what to do when they see water flowing over the floor. Sit down with your family and teach them. It will save a lot in clean-up time and expense if it is caught early.

Water damage is expensive to fix and so the sooner water is removed and the area dried out, the better. The smell of mildew in the carpet will drive you right out of the house. If your carpet has been flooded, get a powerful utility vacuum and get all the water sucked out of it that you can. Pull back the rug and remove the pad. It will need replacing. Then use industrial fans to get the carpet dried out quickly.

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