Routine and Emergency Plumbing Repairs in Fresno

Routine and Emergency Plumbing Repairs in Fresno

You might have a leaky bathroom faucet that annoys you with its constant drip, drip, drip. Or you might walk down into the basement to find it flooded with a foot of water. Some plumbing issues are bigger than others, obviously, and if you find yourself facing a flooded basement, you’d end up wishing all you had to worry about was a drippy faucet.

While emergency plumbing repairs in Fresno are less likely to be needed on plumbing that has been well maintained, they can happen even when you’ve been great about making sure your home’s pipes are healthy and happy. Our climate is mild enough that your pipes aren’t likely to freeze in winter, but there are other ways to prevent serious emergencies from disrupting your life when it’s least convenient.

Fix little problems before they become big problems. A leaky bathroom faucet is annoying, but you may learn to live with it over time, choosing to ignore the noise rather than remedy it. True, life is busy and we’re all under a lot of time constraints, but faulty or worn out parts in the faucet aren’t going to heal themselves. Not only is the drip costing you money in wasted water, it will probably get worse. As parts quickly erode, you could end up with a stream of wasted water, or, worse, a flooded floor and wet downstairs ceiling. Therefore, if you don’t have the time to do a little DIY maintenance, call your friendly Roto-Rooter specialist today to get drips, leaks, and other little problems repaired before they turn into big, more costly emergencies.

Be aware of plumbing overload. Holidays mean lots of family and food, both of which are hard on your plumbing. Did you know that Thanksgiving is the most busy time for residential plumbers? Visitors taking showers, running the washing machine, and helping in the kitchen can lead to seriously clogged drains and worse. You can still enjoy having friends and family stay and eat with you, but make sure you take a few precautions so you’re not dealing with a disaster just when you want to be enjoying cranberry sauce and turkey. Think about scheduling a roster for baths and showers. Uncle Beau might have to temporarily suspend his 20 minutes under hot water in order to serve the greater good, but if you explain that constant toilet flushing, long showers, and frequent dishwasher cycles are all going to be hard on the plumbing, maybe everyone will be happy to comply. Additionally, be sure to caution all the cooks not to stuff potato peelings and other food scraps down the drain, even if you have an industrial strength garbage disposal unit. One cook isn’t likely to jam too much stuff in the drain, but five can overwhelm even the most powerful garbage disposal.

Don’t forget regular maintenance. Just like getting regular checkups from your doctor is likely to keep you healthier, regular visits from a trained Roto-Rooter technician will help you spot and correct issues before they grow into full-grown emergencies. You’ll save money, and your Fresno plumbing repairs will be less costly.

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