Roto-Rooter Will Handle Your Plumbing Needs

Roto-Rooter Will Handle Your Plumbing Needs

As nice as owning your own home is, there are always problems that arise that can be a real headache. A constantly overflowing toilet or a kitchen sink that clogs up on a regular basis makes an otherwise pleasant day quite frustrating. If you have an old house, issues seem to reveal themselves weekly. From old plumbing to outdated heating and cooling, the list is endless.


Water Leaks and Drips


A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if you see water, there is most likely more that you can’t see. If you cannot immediately determine where it is coming from, call us at Roto-Rooter to figure out and fix the problem. Water can cause very expensive damage if not dealt with quickly. Flooring that has become saturated may grow mold and mildew if left too long. Eventually, your home will begin to smell musty and there is a real danger of black mold getting into your subfloor and walls.


The Danger of Mold Growth


In most cases these floors and walls will have to be replaced in order to eradicate the mold spores. Simply wiping up the area with bleach is woefully inadequate. Black mold requires intensive treatment and is best left to a professional company experienced in handling these types of problems. Do not underestimate the danger to your health that black mold poses. Also, when you go to sell your property, you must add a disclosure document explaining the black mold and how it was cleaned up. It can be a real deterrent to a potential homebuyer.


Home Plumbing System Upkeep and Maintenance


Other plumbing issues arise when you are trying to fit new fixtures onto old fittings. It always leads to leaks and problems if the two ends do not match up perfectly. Sometimes the design of your plumbing system is flawed enough to actually bring on recurring problems itself, such as an overflowing toilet. A badly designed system will result in pipes getting more easily clogged and stop the free flow of water through them. If you have reached the point where you don’t want to deal with it anymore, call us at Roto-Rooter to come and give you an estimate on an entirely new plumbing system. You can rest assured that it will be designed with expertise and efficiency.


Another thing you can do if you are having problem plumbing, is to use enzymes in your drains on a regular basis will help to eliminate particles and substances that form clogs in your pipes. It is also helpful to put liquid drain cleaner into your drains every so often to keep them clear.

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