Roto-Rooter: Water Heater Repair, Safety, and Replacement Options

Roto-Rooter: Water Heater Repair, Safety, and Replacement Options

Did you wake up this morning and take a cold shower? Did you want to take a cold shower? If the answer is no, then you probably have problems with your water heater. While failing water heaters force people to take cold showers every day, Roto-Rooter is busy making water heater repair in Port St. Lucie affordable through great service, products, and helpful information concerning different water heater models. In most cases, failing water heaters can be fixed and maintained fairly simply if you know what to do. Consider the following information for taking better care of you water-heating unit:

  • Water heaters are designed to be workhorses. On average, a water heater will operate dependably twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for ten to twelve years, with little maintenance. If you think about it, that is probably more reliable than a car. However, just like a car, a water heater will function better and last longer if it is taken care of regularly by a certified technician who is trained to work on the specific make and model you own. Roto-Rooter technicians do great work on most any water heater that comes our way. To schedule an inspection of your unit, call today and describe the issues and trouble you are having to one of our technicians and they can get it fixed quickly.  
  • Water heater inspections by a certified Roto-Rooter technician will help you stay on top of everything that your water heater needs. Regular tune-ups not only prevent problems, they also help keep your unit working at optimal levels during that time.
  • If your water heater runs off of gas, make sure that you take the proper safety precautions to keep you and your family safe from gas leaks. When a pilot light goes out for any reason and unless there is some kind of backup safety system in place, the unit may continue to release gas fumes into the air.
  • If you ever need to replace your unit, ask our technicians about tankless water heaters. These thermal heating units deliver hot water on demand and send hot water your way only when you need it. This saves energy and your hard-earned money.

 For more information about water heater repair in Port St. Lucie and replacement options, call Roto-Rooter today to speak with a friendly representative about product and service pricing.

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