Roto-Rooter Water Heater Leaking Repair Steps

Roto-Rooter Water Heater Leaking Repair Steps

One of the more sensitive aspects of your home plumbing system lies in the vicinity of the water heater. In fact, a lot of the problems you will face with your home plumbing system will be because of failure in the components of the water heater. It is important to make sure that your heating unit is well maintained and in good repair to avoid costly damage from water heater leaking. For those who have experience dealing with do-it-yourself repairs, it is always a question of whether or not to call in a professional service. While there are many components to a water heater that can easily be adjusted and maintained solo, the electrical components and gas line make the unit especially dangerous to handle if you have little experience or are careless in your repair attempts. For quality servicing for all makes and models, Roto-Rooter is a great resource for products and services that will help make your unit last a long time.

While the average lifespan of a water heater is eight to eleven years, scheduling regular maintenance can stretch that number to fifteen years of top-notch performance. Whether you decide to call in a professional or perform your own repairs, make sure to do the following guide in order to understand the problem better:

1.  First, most problems in a water heater will result in some kind of water heater leaking. Pinpoint where the leak is coming from.

2.  Second, check the water pipes to make sure that the connecting bolts are tight and in place. The cold water line coming into the unit and the hot water overflow tube both have the potential to leak as water erodes at the point of entry.

3.  Third, look at the base of the water heater. Is there water pooling? Do you notice water damage? Water collecting here is a sign that there is structural damage to the actual tank and you will need to take special care to relieve the pressure.

4.  To relieve pressure, open up the pressure relief valve and allow some of the hot water to escape. Watch out for the water coming out of the tube along the side of the tank It could scald bare skin so put a bucket beneath the pipe. As the hot water collects in a bucket, make sure to avoid contact that could result in serious burns.

5.  Turn off the gas line and shut off the circuit breaker for the water heater. This will prevent you from breathing toxic fumes and reduce any fire hazard.

For more information about water heater leaking repair, call Roto-Rooter today.

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