Roto-Rooter Water Heater Leaking and Septic System Services

Roto-Rooter Water Heater Leaking and Septic System Services

If you notice your water heater leaking in Auburn, WA, call your friends in the plumbing business. Roto-Rooter will respond to your water heater problem and fix it, even if it is in the middle of the night. Waking up in the morning and not having hot water to bathe will ruin your day. Do not let that happen! Contact someone you can trust and avoid a cold shower.

A plumbing company can provide many great services. Did you know that many Roto-Rooter locations will pump out your septic tank? Here are a few tips on septic maintenance to help you better understand your system:

How a Septic System Operates

Many homes across the country have septic systems, rather than hooking into a municipal sewer service. A septic system has a few main parts that all work together to dispose of your home’s raw sewage and wastewater. When you flush your toilet, drain your tub, or wash your clothes, all the waste flows through a sewer pipe and into the septic tank.

Once in the tank, the waste begins to separate. The solids (sludge) settle on the tank bottom. All fatty and greasy substances (scum) rise to the top. The fluid (effluent) drains from the tank and runs to a drain field. Buried in the drain field are a series of perforated pipes. The effluent drains from the pipes into the soil and immediately begins to filter through the soil, gravel, and rocks. All impurities are filtered out of the effluent so there is not a risk of drinking water contamination.

Special Considerations

Before installing a septic system, have your soil checked by your local health department. Not all soils can be used in septic systems. However, you don’t need to worry. If your soil will not work, you can haul in a better soil type to use. Check with your installer for options in resolving this issue.

Be sure to monitor usage of your septic system. Remember it was installed taking into consideration how many people would be using the system. Talk to your family about ways to reduce excess waste if you find that your septic system has to work overtime. Typically, an ordinary septic system can handle fifty gallons of waste per day. Keeping your plumbing fixtures in good repair by checking for faucet drips, toilets running, or water heater leaking in Auburn, WA and addressing those problems, will keep your septic system from being over-extended.

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