Roto-Rooter Uses Cameras to look inside your Sewer Line

Roto-Rooter Uses Cameras to look inside your Sewer Line

by Jennifer Schappacher

Our Roto-Rooter of Cleveland experienced plumbers carry special equipment to help diagnose your plumbing problems.

On of these tools is a fiber optic sewer line inspection camera, which is used to get an interior view of your sewer pipes and diagnose drain problems. These sophisticated cameras are waterproof and have powerful LED lights to illuminate the inside of the pipe, revealing the condition of the pipe from the inside.

Line cameras help Roto-Rooter determine exactly what is wrong with your sewer or drain line. Our customers can see in real time what is in their pipes with an attached video monitor.

If your sewer line routinely backs up, consider using a camera line to find out exactly what is happening in your pipes. It may be root intrusion, a belly in the line (dips or sags in the pipe) or a collapsed section. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year with no extra charges for nights, weekends or holidays.




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