Roto-Rooter Tips for Fixing Hot Water Heater Problems

Roto-Rooter Tips for Fixing Hot Water Heater Problems

One of the trickiest appliances you will deal with in your house is the water heater. Due to the amount of work a water heating unit does every day, it doesn't take long for it to get bogged down and need a tune-up. While there is plenty you can do to keep hot water heater problems from getting out of control on your own, scheduling a yearly Roto-Rooter inspection will ensure that you do not overlook anything and get parts replaced as needed. Our certified technicians are helpful and experienced with virtually every make and model of water heater, both old and new.

Depending on the type of hot water heater problems that you are dealing with, it may or may not be a good idea to tamper with the unit on your own. Due to the different components, involving gas, electricity, fire, and hot water, there is plenty that can go wrong and cause injury. Before performing any type of repair on your water heater, make sure to learn a little bit about how it operates.

  • Most water heaters rely on gas to fuel a flame in charge of heating the tank. A pilot light continuously runs to keep the system on. When the temperature starts to drop, the system automatically starts feeding more gas to the flame, causing it to get bigger. If for some reason the pilot light goes out, gas will start filling the room. This is a huge danger to those in the house and can be extremely lethal. Make sure to regularly check the pilot light to ensure safety. Also, install gas detectors in and around the area to alert you in the event gas starts leaking out of control.
  • Water heaters can easily develop leaks. If water pressure is too great inside of the tank, it can quickly start causing structural damage. Eventually, water will start to leak and cause a lot of problems, such as putting out the pilot light. To ensure that the water heater is filling properly, make an appointment with a Roto-Rooter technician to come out and take a closer look at things. With just a few adjustments, this problem can be repaired or prevented.
  • Heating units generally last eight to ten years, but with regular tune-ups and repairs, you can easily get fifteen years or more. When the time comes to replace a unit, make sure that you use a certified service, like Roto-Rooter, to perform the installation. Improper installation will cause years of problems.

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