Roto-Rooter Tips for Fixing a Hot Water Heater

Roto-Rooter Tips for Fixing a Hot Water Heater

In Hollywood, hot water heater leaking may be cause for celebration! You may ask why this is the case. Here is the reason. Those old heaters that are no longer efficient and drive up your utility bills are an annoyance. However, because many people are intimidated by the thought of installing a new heater, they simply allow the old one to stay until it completely goes caput.

Here is a little secret that you should always remember. Your friends at Roto-Rooter know all about water heaters. We are not the least bit intimated by those big, heavy monoliths that sit in your utility room. We deal with repairs and installations of these big plumbing fixtures every day! In fact, if you are in desperate need, we will show up in the middle of the night to take care of your water heater problems. Therefore, it is celebration time when you decide to make a change to get a new, efficient water heater installed.

You can agree that most people like to make things last. Some folks will study all they can about a particular device so they can learn ways to prolong its life. Did you know that you can do a few simple tasks to prolong the life of your tank water heater?

First, remember that safety should always be your priority when you are working on any fixture or appliance. If you do not have the tools to do the job or you are unsure how to proceed with repairs, then call the folks at Roto-Rooter. For example, if you notice your hot water heater leaking, that is probably a sign that there is serious damage to the tank or one of the water supply fittings. It may be necessary to replace the unit. Your plumbing technician will advise you of the best course of action to take.

You should flush your water heater tank every few years to remove any sediment or hard water build-up. At this time, it is also a good idea to replace the anode rod in your tank. This device controls the corrosion that can take place inside your tank. It is also a good idea to have your water heater securely anchored in place in case of a natural disaster. A tipping tank full of water can be very dangerous. Additionally, cover your tank with an insulated wrap to increase the energy efficiency of the system.


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