Roto-Rooter Solutions: Drain Cleaner

Roto-Rooter Solutions: Drain Cleaner

When your plumbing is on the fritz, it can seem like nothing could be worse. Water on the floor, broken pipes, impossible clogs, and more plague the homes of families all over every single day. Often times these big out of control plumbing issues could have been prevented with simple maintenance but were overlooked. They fact is that what lies out of sight usually stays out of mind. Plumbing runs through the floors, walls, and ceilings of homes, businesses, connecting to a larger citywide waterway. While we are always close to it, it eludes attention until all heck breaks loose. Roto-Rooter is proud to be a part of the solution with great service, products, and information to offer everybody. Consider the following when choosing a drain cleaner in Tucson to keep your sewer and drains flowing as they should.

Drains carry water and other fluids from a residence and out to the sewer. If that connection ever gets clogged, it is a recipe for disaster. Over time, gunk and grime build up and cause clogs to form. Especially in drains that collect stray hair, many clogs are difficult to deal with, even when using acid based products to clear. Even if acid based chemicals do the job for you, it is important to remember that these chemicals are very strong and can actually cause serious damage to pipes over time. Some pipes are harmed when lye or acid pass through as layers of plastic are stripped away or the galvanized coating on iron pipes is eroded and flushed away along with the clog. If you are not careful, you may have to replace the entire drain over time.

Back in 1935, the Roto Rooter machine hit the scene with modern drain cleaning capabilities and has since become the number one name in sewer line care. While we offer top of the line products that our customers can use on their own, we also provide information on how to prevent clogs and keep drains clear using fluids and non-toxic chemicals. For example:


  • Baking soda and boiling water. If you pour baking soda down a drain that isn’t completely blocked off, it can settle all the way through the clogged mess. The boiling water then changes the acidity of the baking soda and actually breaks down much of the gunk that is stuck.
  • Repeat the steps above adding a cup of vinegar to the mix. It will make the mixture more potent.
  • Use a snake drain cleaner in Tucson. Obviously not a real snake, rather a cable tool that you can use to run the length of the line and scrape away clogs.
  • Finally, if you can’t clear a stubborn clog on your own, call Roto-Rooter – that’s the name, and away go troubles down the drain!
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