ROTOGreen is Available in Seattle | Roto-Rooter Blog

ROTOGreen is Available in Seattle | Roto-Rooter Blog

The Seattle Plumbers of Roto-Rooter are eager to introduce, ROTOGreen to our customers. Conservation efforts have  become increasingly more important with each passing moment  and now is the time to make an impact. With that said, Roto-Rooter has created a new program committed to conserving water and pipe reparation, which can     negatively affect fresh water supplies if disregarded.  Going green is not only beneficial to our environment, but it can also save a substantial amount of money in the long-run.

ROTOGreen is available to our residential and commercial plumbing customers, as well as a variety of green products, including our most popular, Pipe Shield. Visit our ROTOGreen page for more information.  Seattle, as a whole, has made several strides, which have aided in conservation and we feel it is important to contribute.

We are inviting our customers to join our efforts, if interested our Seattle plumbers can provide plumbing services to make your home or business more earth friendly.  To schedule service in the Seattle area, call (206) 935-6600 or visit our Web site

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