Roto-Rooter Products Can Help Do-It-Yourself Plumbers

March 04, 2015

When you are facing plumbing problems, there are many things you can do on your own to fix them. For instance, you can dislodge disposal blades, remove hair from p-traps, and use Roto-Rooter products to keep pipes clean. However, not all jobs can be handled by amateurs. Do you know when it is time to hire a plumber? Furthermore, how do you know which plumber to hire? Following are six guidelines that can help you answer these questions.

Do What You Can

There are many plumbing tasks that do not require the skills and expertise of a professional plumber, even a low-cost plumber. Individuals with little or no plumbing experience can handle many of these chores on their own. The Roto-Rooter website offers hundreds of videos, instructions, and tips for the do-it-yourself plumber.

Put Products to Work

You can prevent many needs for a plumber by using various plumbing products. For example, Pipe Shield can help keep your pipes clean by coating the interior walls to prevent grime from accumulating on them. 

Hire Professionals for Complex Issues

Once you have reached the limits of your plumbing abilities, or even if you simply run out of time, hire a professional to come and help. When looking for a high-quality plumber, use the guidelines listed below.

Check for a License

Any plumbing company you hire should have a current New York license. There are online resources where you can check to find out if a plumbing company is licensed.

Check for References

To ensure you get a good plumber, check any references you can find. Following is a list of ideas for references:

  • Ask your neighbors, friends, and coworkers for their recommendations.
  • Ask the plumbing company to provide you with a list of references you can call.
  • Call the Better Business Bureau.
  • Check online websites

Hire the Right Skill Set

Many plumbers are specialized in different areas of the plumbing business. In addition, their education, work experience, and licensing levels vary greatly. More experienced plumbers can charge more for their services. In addition, plumbers can specialize in different areas such as the following:

  • Basic maintenance and repairs
  • Retro-fitting systems for home remodeling projects
  • Installation of plumbing systems in new buildings
  • Plumbing for natural gas



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