Roto-Rooter Plumbers' Give Tips for Drainage System Solutions

Roto-Rooter Plumbers' Give Tips for Drainage System Solutions

Roto-Rooter plumbers in Chicago have a reputation that precedes them by several generations. Back in 1935, a single office opened to take on plumbing house calls. Going one job at a time, the aim was to provide excellent service and customer care. This determination for quality has stayed with us, even throughout our incredible expansion. Roto-Rooter now provides all the services, products, and tools you need to tackle any plumbing project yourself or you can call on the services of a certified technician to take over in an emergency. Since we care so much about our customers, we have provided the following information for better drainage maintenance and care.

Clogged Drains

 While many systems clog for different reasons, you can do a lot to troubleshoot clogs and prevent future issues.

Materials Needed


  • Toilet plunger—this is an important plumbing tool to have close by at all times. Not just for commodes anymore, plungers are great for any clogged drain.
  • Screwdriver—extending your reach by quite a bit, a screwdriver is a great tool for removing visible problems quickly.
  • Plumbing snake—for those impossibly difficult blockages, a plumbing snake will get down into the heart of the problem quickly and easily.

Steps for Success


  1. When the drain first starts backing, look into the drain to see if you can make out what is causing the problem. Use a screwdriver to reach down into the mouth of the drain and pull out as much of the debris as possible.
  2. If this doesn't fix the clog, grab the toilet plunger and start working the drain. If you can get enough suction into the system, you will be able to blast free anything lingering further along the drainage line.
  3. For those extremely large blockages that nothing else can reach, a plumbing snake will do wonders. Designed to go the entire length of the drainpipe, you can quickly get down to the source of your frustration. As you push the snake into the drain, do it with a twisting motion. This will make it easier for the hook on the end to catch on to whatever is stuck in the way. Repeat this step as many times as needed.
  4. To go the extra mile, Roto-Rooter drain cleaners and enzymes are great. The cleaners have powerful chemicals that strip away and dissolve debris while the enzymes prevent future clogs from ever having a chance to form.

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