Roto-Rooter: Plumbers and Homeowners

Roto-Rooter: Plumbers and Homeowners

As homeowners, we want to take the best care possible of our homes. Over the years, you will be faced with many opportunities for do-it-yourself projects, repairs, and maintenance. Most of what you have to deal with you will be able to accomplish on your own. Even your household plumbing will require your attention in more areas than one. With the help of Roto-Rooter plumbers in Sacramento, plumbing care and maintenance is easier than ever with the products, services, and expertise that we provide. While not every situation will need a professional, never hesitate to call for the aid of a trained technician or licensed plumber. They will be able to lend a unique perspective on certain problems and help you get the proper care needed to reach a solution. Consider the following common household plumbing problems and suggested solutions:

Clogged toilets are a real problem that people deal with all the time. In most cases, having a handy toilet plunger close by will keep you safe and pull you out of a few messes. This is because toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water and move through toilet drains easily enough. Despite the design, too much toilet paper at a time will clog a toilet very quickly. After all, the drain opening in most toilets is only 2-inches in diameter. The plunger forces air into the pipe and then creates a vacuum to help the paper break up and be pushed through the pipe.

Leaky faucets plague houses all the time. Fixing them is easy and only takes a few moments. Using a wrench, remove the nut hold the faucet head in place. Once removed, peer inside at the sealant washer. If it is damaged at all, remove it and replace it with a new one. This will eliminate any kind of leakage and dripping.

Frozen water pipes are a big problem because of the aftermath that you have to deal with. You see, when temperatures drop, the expanding water turning into ice traps air pockets along the pipeline. As the pressure builds with the freezing ice, the air eventually has to fight its way out somehow. If there's nowhere else to go, the air pocket will actually burst through the pipe wall creating a crack or shattering the pipe altogether. To prevent this from happening, beef up the insulation in your walls. Also, wrap pipes with specially made insulation to keep them from ever freezing.

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