Roto-Rooter Plumbers Advice and Useful House Plumbing Tricks

Roto-Rooter Plumbers Advice and Useful House Plumbing Tricks

It seems like no matter how new a house is, there are always problems that come up. Knowing how to handle these problems, however, will help you develop skills that will improve your do-it-yourself efforts. In order to do quality work on your home, you will need to follow a professional guide. In the case of household plumbing, there is always plenty to do. If you are searching for information about your plumbing, then look no further than Roto-Rooter plumbers in Calgary. With our products, services, and experts, you can be successful in everything you set out to accomplish for your plumbing maintenance. Consider the following for better home plumbing care:

Drippy faucets are easy to fix! Don't let another day go by with an annoying faucet drip.

  • First, use a wrench to loosen the nut behind the faucet.
  • When that is loose, remove the head and look inside. You should be able to see the sealant washer.
  • After looking at it, if you notice any warping or damage at all, it needs to be replaced with a new washer.
  • Once that is in place, replace the faucet head, tightening the nut back into place.

This should solve most common faucet leaks and dripping problems.  

Frozen pipes are also a big problem that lots of people have to deal with during winter months. As temperatures start to drop next winter, water in pipes will begin to freeze. The freezing effect on water causes it to expand. Trapped air pockets get condensed under the pressure of freezing water. As the pressure rises, the air eventually has to force its way out somehow. If nothing else, the air will burst through the pipe wall forming a crack or shattering the pipeline altogether. It is for this reason that you often find the damage on a frozen pipe further up the line, away from the actual ice. To make sure that this doesn't happen to you this year, make sure to check out the insulation in your walls. If there isn't enough, your pipes will be at risk of exposure to cold temperatures. All you need to do is beef up the insulation to make sure that the pipes are well protected and shielded from cold air.

Clogged drains are another problem that plenty of people have to deal with. If you have clogs that are completely blocking off the flow of drainage, all you need to do is grab a screwdriver. With the tool in hand, reach into the drain and pull out as much of the clog as you can see. Anything you can't see, use a tool called a plumber’s snake to reach down further. After this, use a little Roto-Rooter pipe cleaner. Make sure to run hot water after for a few minutes and your clogs will probably be completely gone. If clogs are located deeper in the drainpipes, Roto-Rooter has special machines that can cut through just about any clog.

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