Roto-Rooter Plumber: Maintaining Your Home's Fixtures

Roto-Rooter Plumber: Maintaining Your Home's Fixtures

Take a moment and consider all the plumbing appliances your home uses. Have you ever counted them? Most homes have at least a few of the following fixtures. You probably recognize your water heater when you enter your utility room. While there, you will notice the sump system that was installed in the floor by a professional plumber. You also can’t miss the air conditioner next to the water heater.

When you walk through your home, you are suddenly cognizant of the fact that all your bathrooms are full of plumbing fixtures. You have a toilet, tub, and water faucet. As you venture into your kitchen, you check out the big triple sink, the fancy faucet and underneath the cabinet, an industrial sized food disposer. Connecting all these rooms are many feet of piping, hidden in walls, the floors and ceiling.

With all these fixtures in your home, there is always a chance that something will break or wear out. Because these implements use or contain water, a broken fixture might lead to flooding. For this reason, it is imperative that you have a checklist of preventive maintenance tasks that you address often.

Most large business structures have a full-time maintenance crew that does nothing but check and maintain all the fixtures throughout the facilities. Your home is not nearly as large as those office and business facilities, but the principle of preventive maintenance is still the same. If you notice problems before they become crises then you save repair costs and serious tragedies such as floods or time spent without hot water.

Here are some tips on organizing your home’s preventive maintenance program.

  1. Make a list of all your home’s appliances that need to be checked periodically. Prepare a chart that you are able to record dates that the particular fixture was checked. It is also a good idea to leave space for comments. There might be noticeable evidence that an appliance will soon need attention. A place on your chart to record a reminder is essential.
  2. Fixtures that need to be checked periodically are your water heater, sump pump, air conditioning unit, and your home’s faucets and valves. When you notice problems, do not procrastinate fixing them, especially if there is water involved.
  3. Change your AC blower filters often. Usually every three months is sufficient. Check your sump pump by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit. The water should disappear within a few seconds.

If you have serious or complicated issues with your fixtures, be sure to contact a Roto-Rooter plumber who has experience in all aspects of your home’s plumbing system.

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