Roto-Rooter Gives Six Suggestions to Care for a Kitchen Disposal

Roto-Rooter Gives Six Suggestions to Care for a Kitchen Disposal

One of the nicest appliances in a kitchen is the disposer. However, Roto-Rooter plumbers are often called to help unclog a disposal. Maintaining a kitchen disposal is not difficult. Following are six suggestions to help you keep your appliance running smoothly.

Don't Over Use the Disposer

Individuals tend to abuse the disposal without even realizing it. The disposal was never meant to grind up everything that can be pushed into it. In fact, it is best to use it only for food leftover from a meal or small amounts used in preparing food. If you have a lot of peelings, rinds, or other foods, put them in the trash can.

Only Push Small Amounts in at Once

One of the best ways to get a solid jam is to push a lot of food into the appliance all at once. Too much heavy, packed food will jam the blades. To avoid a jam, push only small amounts of food in at one time while the appliance is running.

Turn on the Water before Turning on the Appliance

The most effective way to run the disposer is to turn the water on before you do anything else. Once the water is on, turn on the appliance and gently push the food into the sink opening.

Let the Water Run after the Appliance Is Done

After the disposal has finished grinding up the food, let the water continue to run for five to ten seconds. This will help flush the bits of food down the line. More than one Roto-Rooter plumber has been called to take care of food that settled in the bottom of the p-trap after the disposal was turned off.

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