Roto-Rooter: Get the Pros to Fix your Plumbing Problems

Roto-Rooter: Get the Pros to Fix your Plumbing Problems

Are you having plumbing problems in Baltimore? Sometimes the responsibilities of home ownership are a pain. Backed up drains, broken pipes and overflowing toilets can become a burden. Don’t waste time running around attempting to fix everything yourself. You will end up spending a lot of money on tools and products you could have saved on by calling Roto-Rooter in the first place. They are on call 24 hours a day.

When pipes freeze, they can break. As they warm up, water could be potentially pouring into your home. It could be coming through the light fixtures, out from under a sink, anywhere is possible. Do you know where your water main shut off valve is? This is important to know, since quick action on your part will save you from a lot of damage and clean up.

If you are having plumbing problems in Baltimore and you have water starting to puddle on carpeting, turn off the valve and use a wet/dry utility vacuum to clean up the water. As soon as you have gotten out all the water, pull back the wet carpet and pad and put fans around the area to dry it out. If left wet, your carpet will quickly mildew and be ruined. The wet pad should actually be removed and replaced. If you get the carpet dried in time, you may be able to save it.

If the water comes through light fixtures or power outlets, you may have wet sheetrock, which will have to be removed. It is nearly impossible to dry it. Additionally, if left damp, mold and mildew will quickly begin growing. Black mold is something to look out for as well. It can be dangerous for you to breathe and will cause respiratory issues. If this happens, you must seek medical attention right away. You may have to stay somewhere else until all the mold is cleaned up. It is wise to either rent or buy an ozone machine to run in the house until any spores that may have been missed are dead. These machines should only be used when no one is in the house.

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