Roto-Rooter Flushes Super Bowl Halftime Myth

Roto-Rooter Flushes Super Bowl Halftime Myth

Every winter, football and TV commercial fans alike gather for Super Bowl game viewing. No matter which teams compete, this tradition represents a day-long party complete with super fan gear, plenty of snacks, beverages and, of course, an age-old myth.

Since the commercial breaks are nearly as anticipated as the game itself, when halftime rolls around it means the first bathroom break for super bowl fans.  At this time, the masses head to the bathroom and flush the toilet. According to the myth, the excessive flushing causes substantial sewer main breakdowns and subsequent rumors of plumbing horror stories year after year.

The plumbing and drain cleaning experts at Roto-Rooter would like to clear up any concerns.  While it is true that a large number of individuals use the bathroom and flush during halftime, this is not something that causes widespread damage to sewer systems.

"The plumbing definitely gets a workout on Super Bowl Sunday but problems are usually confined to stuffed garbage disposals, clogged kitchen sinks and toilets. While the mass flushing phenomenon during half time represents a significant surge of water, the municipal sewer pipes are built to handle it so there is no real danger of public sewers failing," said Paul Abrams, Roto-Rooter spokesman.

However, if you find yourself worrying about what may happen as you push down the silver handle, a surefire way to avoid any issues is to have a drain inspection and cleaning prior to game day.

If you find yourself in a bathroom quandary on Super Bowl Sunday, call your local Roto-Rooter plumber, available 24/7. Myth or not, problems still occur and with a house full of people for the big game it can’t hurt to have a plumbing expert on speed dial.

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