Roto-Rooter Fixes Pipe Leaks

Roto-Rooter Fixes Pipe Leaks

Does your bathtub leak? Have you noticed water stains on the ceiling in your basement that is positioned directly underneath your bathroom? You may need to call an expert with years of experience in plumbing in Sacramento. Our technician will come to your home, inspect and diagnose any problems with your bathtub water pipes, and provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs of repair. This estimate will include all labor costs in addition to totals for parts and materials needed to fix the problem.

Having indoor plumbing is a convenience that we often overlook. We are so used to being able to turn on the tap, open the faucet valve, and have instant hot water to bathe, wash dishes, or get a drink. Sometimes, the piping that delivers that precious water to your home springs leaks. When that happens, the problem has to be fixed immediately or serious and costly damage can occur inside your home.

If you notice a leak serious enough to cause property damage, such as a leak inside a wall, a leak from a ceiling, or a leak that is causing pooling or flooding, attempt to turn off your home’s main water valve. If you don’t know where that is located, check any likely location, possibly anywhere on the side of your home that faces the street. Sometimes they are installed under a stairwell or in a wall. To stop the water flow, turn off the main valve and then contact Roto-Rooter. We are available to help with your plumbing in Sacramento day or night, seven days a week. Our technicians will be sure to cover their feet while working in your home so there is no tracking messes on your floors.

After the water supply has been shut-off, our technician will diagnose the problem. Leaks often occur at pipe joints, whether the pipe is made of copper, iron or plastic. This problem is uncommon, but does occur and we can help fix the problem. We will access the source of the leak. Regardless of whether the pipe causing the problem is plastic or copper pipe, our technician will use the latest and most durable techniques to fix it.

After the pipe leak has been repaired, your water system will be pressurized. The system will then be examined. Our technician will not leave until he is certain that there are no more leaks or problems with your water lines. He will clean up any mess he created and leave your home just the way he found it.

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