Roto-Rooter Customer Service Spotlight

Roto-Rooter Customer Service Spotlight

A Roto-Rooter Employee Story:

In 1960 Wanda Farmer and her late husband Paul started a local Wichita Roto-Rooter franchise that has grown into a booming family business that she still runs and operates. With the help of her 8 children and 22 grandchildren Wanda has kept the business running for the past 50 years by serving up to 140 customers daily. Wanda’s favorite job? She is the main dispatcher for her Roto-Rooter because she loves speaking to every customer as well as managing her employees at all times.

Like at work, Wanda ran her home of 8 children like a drill sergeant but there is another very compassionate side to Wanda that involves working many hours in the local halfway houses and volunteering time and money to her Catholic charities.

Wichita is a city with great pride for its entrepreneurship and the Farmer Family’s story at Roto-Rooter fits that bill perfectly. Wanda was raised on a dairy farm in Wichita and grew up with the aspirations of starting her own business, then she met Paul after high school and her dreams came true.

Her children Paul, Jane and Catherine are the office managers of their Roto-Rooter and daughter Rita, also known as “Rita-Rooter” is the CEO. Phillip is the manager of the plumbing division while another son, Mark, recently retired from being a dispatcher alongside his mother. But Wanda is quick to point out that all of her children and grandchildren will serve their time at their family Roto-Rooter. There are currently 35 employees at the Wichita Roto-Rooter and with all of her family surrounding her, Wanda has no plans for retirement in the near future.


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