Roto-Rooter Compression Faucet Repair Guide

Roto-Rooter Compression Faucet Repair Guide

Do you have any drippy faucets in your house? If so, then you are in luck. Compression faucets are usually easy to fix. With a little help from Roto-Rooter, faucet repair in Vista is easier than ever before. Just follow the directions below and your faucet will be back to its pristine, watertight self.

You will need the following for this project:

  • Flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers
  • Box cutter
  • Wash cloth
  • Slip-joint pliers
  • Heat-resistant grease
  • Custom valve-seat wrench (see Roto-Rooter technician or the internet for details)

These following steps will send you on your way:

  • First off, look under the sink for two valves. These should shut off the hot and cold water going to the faucet.
  • Second, use the box cutter or flathead screwdriver to pop off the decorative covers on top of the faucet handles to expose the screws.
  • Using the Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the screws and pull the handles off. If for some reason they are sticking, use the flathead screwdriver covered with a washcloth to pry the handles free (the washcloth will protect the metal from scratches).
  • Once the handles are removed, you should now see the stem assemblies for both handles. Using the slip-joint pliers, loosen the retaining nut so you can pull out the stem assemblies.
  • After you pull them out, inspect them for damage. Look at the rubber washers on the bottom. If the rubber seems rough or cracked, you will need to replace them.
  • Next, loosen the packing nut to expose the inner layer of the assembly cylinder. You will see the rubber O-rings. Inspect them to make sure none are broken, rough, or cracking. If any are in bad shape, grab a new O-ring, cover it with heat-resistant, non-corrosive grease, and carefully slip it onto the assembly.
  • If you find that there are too many pieces to deal with, you can completely replace the stems altogether if you'd like. If you choose to do this, make sure that you replace them with the corresponding side. Since the hot and cold handles turn in opposite directions, the stem assemblies will be mirror images of each other.
  • Before putting everything back together, make sure to check out the valve seats and make sure they aren’t rough or cracked. If the seats are in bad shape, use the special valve tool to remove them and replace the seats with new ones.
  • Now that the valve seats are in good condition, replace the stem assemblies and tighten the retaining nuts.
  • Put the handles back into place and tighten the screws. Pop the decorative caps back into place and you are finished!

For more information about faucet repair in Vista, give Roto-Rooter a call today.

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