Three Decorations You Can Make with PVC Pipes | Roto-Rooter Blog

Three Decorations You Can Make with PVC Pipes | Roto-Rooter Blog

PVC piping is great for plumbing projects. It is cheap and durable. However, it isn't just for plumbing anymore. Because it is so lightweight and versatile many individuals are finding many other uses for PVC, including decorations for their homes. Decorations made out of PVC can give your home a contemporary look without causing you to spend a lot of money. Richmond Roto-Rooter shares these creative ideas that use plastic piping.

Refinish a Dresser

If you have an old, outdated dresser or nightstand, you can give it a completely new look. Start by sanding and painting the furniture. While the dresser is drying, cut the PVC pipe into sections of any desired length. Paint the pipe any color you like. You can use a color that is the same as the furniture or a completely different color. (You might even enjoy using metallic paint.) Once the paint has dried, glue it onto the surface of the dresser drawer or nightstand door. Before you glue it, though, you may want to experiment with different designs and patterns to get just the look you desire.

Design a Frame

If you have a mirror or painting that you would like framed, try using plastic piping. Select the size of pipe you would like to use. It can be all the same size or a combination of sizes. As you did for the dresser, cut the pipe into segments of any length you need. Paint the pieces any color you'd like. Once the paint dries, play around with different arrangements to create your frame. After you have found the ideal design, glue the pieces together with pipe glue that you can buy in the plumbing section of a local hardware store.

Make Holiday Wreaths

Plastic piping can be used to make fun wreaths for holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter or Spring. Select the size of pipes you would like to use. A mixture of sizes would add variety and appeal to the wreath. Cut them into segments and paint them. Select the color of paint based on whether or not you want to use the wreath for more than one holiday. After the paint has dried, glue the pieces together to form a wreath. Decorate the wreath with items such as flowers, Easter eggs, shamrocks, hearts, etc. You can put treats, presents or notes in the holes and let children take one out each day until the holiday arrives.

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