Residential Plumbing Problems - Iron in Water

Residential Plumbing Problems - Iron in Water

When you see pink or orange stains in and on plumbing fixtures, such a build-up in tubs, it generally means you have iron in your water. These plumbing problems typically occur when your residential plumbing supply is connected to a well. If you have public water, contact your water utility company to determine whether the plumbing problems are in the public water system or within your home's plumbing.

Have your water tested to determine the exact mineral content as well as the iron concentration, iron bacteria, pH, alkalinity and hardness. You can buy water test kits online or at a local home store.

Well water needs to have a water softener or a filtering device. These plumbing repair devices will remove natural minerals from the water table from entering the piping system. Talk to a well driller for more specific solutions. It may be helpful to get feedback from neighbors too.

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